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Communicate with Google Apps right from within your Servoy solution

The google plugin for Servoy enables Servoy developers to communicate with several Google Apps right from within a Servoy solution. Currently, the plugin supports the Google calendar, Google contacts, Google Docs, Google Spreadsheets, Google Fusion Tables and Geocoding API.

The plugin makes it possible to synchronize calendar and contact data from a Servoy solution with a Google account both ways. That way, other clients like an iPhone or Apple's iCal and AddressBook can also synchronize their data with Google and the Servoy solution. With the Google Docs features a Servoy solution can seamlessly integrate with Google Docs.

The plugin offers the following features

  • GoogleAccount: one default account for convenience or any number of accounts
  • CalendarService: get, create, modify and delete Calendars
  • Calendar: get and set Calendar properties; get, add, modifiy and delete events; query for events
  • Event: get and set properties, support for all day events, organizer, participants, recurrence rules and reminders
  • ContactService: get, create, modify and delete contact groups; get, create, modifiy and delete contacts; query for contacts
  • Contact: get and set properties, support for email addresses, IM addresses, photo, postal addresses, organizations, groups
  • DocumentService: upload files, export documents in different formats, get documents and folders, create new documents, add and remove documents to or from folders, query for documents, delete or trash documents
  • Document: get and set properties, manage permissions, get revisions, set content
  • Spreadsheet: get, add and delete worksheets, get all worksheets
  • Worksheet: get and set name, number of columns and rows, add rows, get as DataSet, get cell, get all cells, set cell values
  • WorksheetCell: get and set value or formula
  • FusionTableService: get all tables, create tables, create table from Dataset, drop table, getDataSetByQuery
  • FusionTable: get name, ID and number of rows, get column information, getDataSetByQuery, get table data as DataSet, insert DataSet
  • Geocoding: geocode and reverse-geocode address; convenient GeocodeResult object to deal with the response

In our own solution, we successfully implemented a solution that syncs data with Google using a headless client. The client periodically retrieves modified data from the database and from Google and syncs that.

Future versions of the plugin may support other services. If you would like to see a service added, please contact us at

A demo version of the plugin can be obtained here. A sample solution is installed into the solutions directory inside the Servoy (application_server) directory.

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