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UserManager plugin for Servoy
Management of the Servoy server and connected clients

The UserManager is a client/server plugin that allows developers to build a complete server management system right into their solution without the need to use the server's admin page.

Use the UserManager to get detailed information on connected clients, shutdown clients, automatically disconnect idle clients, send messages to clients, execute methods in remote clients, start batch processors and run methods in them to perform time consuming tasks on the server, ...

The plugin comes in two flavours: a standard version and a pro version. The pro versions adds many powerful features such as file streaming, complete access to the server's file system, additional database related information from the server and access to the server's SQL performance data.

The plugin features:

Get an application Server object to

  • get system information of the Servoy server
  • get database connection infos
  • get the server's log file (or a given number of lines)
  • get SQL performance data
  • get transactions
  • get locks
  • get and set properties in the Servoy properties file
  • restart and shutdown the server
  • send message to all connected clients
  • start a headless client
  • automatically disconnect idle clients after a given idle time (can be set for smart and web clients independently)

Get a Client object to

  • get system information of a client
  • send a message to the client
  • check if a client is alive
  • get login and idle time
  • get open solution name
  • get tables in use
  • get transactions
  • close solution
  • shutdown a client
  • set client specific maximum idle times
  • store and retrieve additional information (for example a list of install plugins, department information etc.)
  • run a global method

Pro version only features

  • JSServerFile: manipulate the server's file system with all the possibilities of the file plugin, but remotely on the server
  • File streaming: transfer files in the background from and to the server. Files can be transferred from/to the file system or directly to a record in the database. Show an optional progress dialog to indicate the transfer's progress
  • Transactions: get a JSDataSet of all active transactions (optionally of a specific client)
  • Locks: get a JSDataSet of all active locks
  • SQL performance data: get a JSDataSet with the server's performance data
  • Clear performance data
  • Tables in use: get a JSDataSet of all tables a client uses

If you want to see the possibilities of the UserManager built into a Servoy solution, click on the image below to see a short slideshow:

Sample solution screenshot

The plugin also offers convenience methods such as

  • getAllSolutions (used by clients)
  • getClientByUID to get a client directly
  • getClients to get all connected clients
  • getHeadlessClients to only get headless clients
  • getSmartClients to only get smart clients
  • getWebClients to only get web clients
  • copyFileToServer
  • copyFileFromServer
  • copyTXTFileFromServer
  • get and set settings in the current client
  • JSHashMaps as a convenient way to deal with key/value pairs

The plugin comes with a sample solution that demonstrates most of its functionality. The sample solution is installed into the solutions directory in the Servoy directory.

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