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Table bean for Servoy
Advanced display beans for tables and trees

The Table bean is a popular collection of display beans for Servoy smart clients. Orginally limited to tables, the Table bean now consists of these components:

Table beans

  • FoundSetGrid: a highly customizable table based on a Servoy FoundSet
  • DataSetGrid: a highly customizable table based on JSDataSets or arrays

Source list beans

  • SourceList: iTunes like tree bean
  • FoundSetSourceList: iTunes like tree bean based on a Servoy FoundSet

Tree beans

  • DndTreeViewBean: an enhancement to Servoy's own TreeViewBean to allow Drag&Drop
  • TreeBean: a highly customizable tree bean

All components have fully support for Drag&Drop from and to any of the components, context menus (right click) and numerous events.

The Table beans display data from either a DataSet or a FoundSet in a highly customizable, (multi column) sortable table. They offer numerous formatting options like checkboxes, comboboxes, row, column and header coloring and more:


Since version 3.1 the display and editing options have been further improved with the introduction of the CellFormat. A CellFormat consists of many formatting options that can be applied to rows, columns or even single cells:

Custom cell formats

Both beans feature:

  • Drag&Drop between two or more beans (tables, trees and source lists)
  • Context menus (right mouse click)
  • multiple selection of rows (users can select several rows)
  • multiple column sort
  • onDoubleClick event
  • onRecordSelection event
  • onDataChange event
  • checkbox cells
  • combobox cells
  • value list cells (show combobox only when edited)
  • text area cells (multi line)
  • number and date display and edit formats for cells
  • selection background, foreground and font for any single cell
  • background color, foreground color and font for selected rows
  • background, foreground and font for selected (sorted) columns
  • borders for any cell

Possible uses of the Table beans include

  • replace Servoy's table view to fully customize a table's display
  • display the result of complex queries in a sortable table
  • display aggregated data in a table
  • allow data entry in a way that does not match a table's structure (for example sales estimates for 12 months)
  • display editable data of simple structure in a reusable table (for example value list tables)


The SourceList beans are tree beans that mimic Apple's iTunes style tree lists (screenshot taken from Servoy, not iTunes):


The FoundSetSourceList can be used much like Servoy's TreeView bean by providing a FoundSet and a relation pointing to the children of each node. The "normal" SourceList bean can be filled by method from any data. Both beans' icons and colors can be fully customized. See a SourceList in action:


The Tree bean allows to create trees from any data with many display options for every single node. Among the features of a tree node (or leaf) are:

  • normal and selected background and foreground color
  • normal and selected font
  • separate leaf (no children), node and open icon
  • tooltip

See the bean in action:

The Table-Bean requires at least Servoy 3 and Java 1.5 to run. For theDBTreeViewBean, at least Servoy 3.5.2 is required.

A demo version is available from our shop. The installer installs a sample solution into the "solutions" directory of the Servoy server directory.


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