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MailPro plugin for Servoy
Advanced mail plugin for IMAP, POP3 and SMTP

The MailPro-Plugin is the ultimate mail plugin for Servoy. It supports IMAP, POP3 and SMTP. The IMAP features provide access to almost all aspects of an IMAP server, making it possible to develop a full mail client right within Servoy. Messages can be received in the background, a method can be called automatically whenever a new message arrives or has changed on the IMAP server, messages can be created, moved, flagged or deleted on the server, copies of sent messages can be saved in the "sent messages" folder and much more. With MailPro Servoy developers can develop a full blown email client right into their solutions.

The plugin features:

  • IMAP accounts: connect to Imap servers such as MS Exchange, get all folders, create folders
  • IMAP folders: retrieve messages,add/delete/copy messages, get message counters, get folder parameters, search messages, get quotas and more...
  • POP3 accounts connect to POP3 servers, retrieve messages, get message uids, get messages by index
  • SMTP accounts: connect to SMTP servers, create messages with great flexibility, send messages and save sent messages to a folder on an IMAP server ("Sent items")
  • Mail messages: get/set all headers and properties of a message, get/set addresses in flexible ways, set flags as "deleted", "read", "seen", etc., create own headers, create and read attachment, save to file, handles text and HTML, embedds images
  • Send messages in the background: messages can be sent in the background while the user continues to work with the solution
  • Receive messages in the background: MailPro can download messages while the user of the solution can continue to work normally (without be blocked and having to wait until all messages are transferred)
  • Receive new messages automatically: MailPro can receive notifications from the mail server, get the messages and call a global method that can save those messages to the database
  • Receive changed messages automatically Automatically receive changes on an IMAP server, for example message deletions, changes of flags (answered, flagged etc.)
  • Servlet to capture mailing tracking links in HTML mailings that fires a headless client if called. The headless client receives a JSServletRequest object to easily process the request's properties (IP address, browser and OS information etc.)

The possibility to receive messages in the background instead of waiting until everything is downloaded makes it more pleasant for a user to actually store emails in a database system. The same is the case for message notifications. You don't have to start a trigger to check for new mails, but the plugin will call one of your methods in seconds when there is new mail.

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