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JTapi plugin for Servoy
Make and receive calls directly from your Servoy solution

The JTapi plugin is a client/server plugin that uses TAPI (Telephony Application Programming Interface) to allow Servoy clients to make and receive phone calls. The TAPI connection is setup on the server (only possible on Microsoft Windows servers), not the client. This allows even Macintosh clients to use the plugin to make and receive calls.

The plugin gives you access to the so called "providers" of the server. From the list of all providers you can set the one you want to be using (typically "TAPI3"). Once setup, the plugin allows you to retrieve all "addresses" (typically phone extensions) known by the chosen provider. A Servoy client can then set its address. From that point on, the server plugin knows which client uses what address.

In short, this is what needs to be done to setup the plugin:

  • install TAPI driver of your telephone equipment on the (Windows) Servoy server
  • connect telephone equipment to the server (either directly or via network, depending on the capabilities of the telephone equipment)
  • retrieve all TAPI providers using a plugin method
  • set correct TAPI provider via a method
  • retrieve all addresses of the chosen provider and set the client specific address

Once setup, the plugin allows you to

  • make a call
  • register a global method that will automatically be fired whenever a call comes in or a call state's changed
  • get the active call
  • get all calls made or received since the client connected to the server

The plugin uses a Call object whenever you make a call or a call comes in. The Call object has several properties and methods:

  • the to address (phone number)
  • the from address (phone number)
  • start and end of the call
  • direction of the call (IN or OUT)
  • state of the call (CONNECTED, DISCONNECTED, RINGING, ...)
  • a user object that can be set to whatever you want to store in the call object
  • answer a call
  • terminate a call

Important: the JTapi plugin uses a TAPI connection on the Servoy server. That means that the Servoy server has to run on Microsoft Windows. We also strongly recommend that you first test the plugin with your telephone equipment to make sure everything works correctly. Since TAPI relies on vendor specific drivers, many issues are possible.

A demo version can be obtained here.

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