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March 20th, 2013
Servoy 7 compatibility, memory leaks fixed

Version 3.0.2 of the MailPro plugin fixes a problem with Servoy 7 and prevents a few memory leaks when running in a headless client on the server.


January 24th, 2012
Improved servlet, testing mode, raw message

Version 3.0 of the MailPro plugin is out offering these new features:

  • Added possibility to register any number of servlets making it possible to use different servlets with different solutions
  • new developmentOverrideAddress property to plugin and server for testing purposes
  • new getRawMessage() to MailMessage to get the raw source of a message
  • Improvements with Attachments, MailMessage, POP3Account Minor bug fixes

As most of the other plugins the update is free for all users.


May 31st, 2011
Improved SSL, new MailProException object

Version 2.9 of our MailPro plugin is available. The new version adds the following new features and fixes:

  • Fixed possible problems when the plugin is used with batch processors
  • ImapFolder: added createSubfolder() to directly create a subfolder
  • Improved findAllImagesInHtml
  • Improved IMAP SSL support
  • Included latest Java Mail
  • new MailProException object that can be obtained with getLastError() where available; the object can be used to access stack trace, nested exceptions etc.
  • MailMessage: added setContent(String content, String mimeTyp) to allow to set message content with custom mime types

The new version is free for registered users.


December 5th, 2010
Mailing response tracking servlet, 5.2.3 compatibility

Version 2.8 features a Servlet that allows easy tracking of mailing response with HTML mailings. Just include a 1x1 px image tag in your mailing pointing to the Servoy server, as for example

<img src="http://yourserver/servoy-service/mp?id=14569">

Whenever a HTML newsletter is loaded and the client tries to load this image, the servlet "mt" (can be named however you like) calls a method in a solution that you can specify. That method can then process the id or whatever parameter you provide. To make things easier, the method called receives a JSServletRequest object as argument that provides access to many of the request's properties, such as

  • browser name and manufacturer
  • browser type (email client, browser, bot)
  • operating system name and manufacturer
  • IP address
  • host name (if resolved by Tomcat)
  • request date
  • user agent String
  • headers and parameters of the request

The servlet and the JSServletRequest object make it possible to see who has "read" a HTML mailing at what date, using which client software and operating system from what IP address. This makes measuring HTML mailing campaigns way more easier right from within your Servoy solution.

The servlet can be configured from the servoy-admin page:

Servlet settings

Solution, form and method tell the servlet what method to call. The startservlet property can be set to true or false and tell the server to either start the servlet or not upon Servoy server start. The servletname property allows you to name the servlet to anything you like (default is "mp"). That name has to be included in the URL you provide with your image inside the HTML (see example above).

The update also fixes a class loading issue in the debug client of Servoy 5.2.3.


July 27th, 2010
Improved Servoy 5.2 support

Version 2.7.3 adds better support for Servoy 5.2.


June 20th, 2010
Maintenance update to 2.7.2

The update improves method execution among different Servoy versions.


April 13th, 2010
Default encoding set to UTF-8

With version 2.7.1 the encoding of subject, real names in addresses etc. is now using UTF-8 as default to avoid MacRoman on the Mac.


February 12th, 2010
Version 2.7: send messages in the background

The 2.7 update of the plugin adds the possibility to send messages in the background (SMTPAccount.sendMessageInBackground). After the message is sent, a method is called to notify you that it is finished. To allow better handling of unsent and sent messages we have added a SendMailQueue object with counters and getters for unsent, sent and failed messages.

Internally, the SendMailQueue deals with a new OutgoingMessage object. An OutgoingMessage has the following properties:

  • SMTPAccount account
  • boolean alreadySent
  • String errorMessage
  • ImapFolder folderToSaveTo
  • MailMessage message
  • Object[] methodArguments
  • Date sentDate
  • boolean successfullySent

The new version is free for registered users.


December 17th, 2009
Version 2.6: maintenance release

Version 2.6.0 improves compatibility with Servoy 5 and addresses a few issues.


October 2nd, 2009
Version 2.5.1: minor update

The 2.5.1 update improves handling of text/calendar message content and the composition of Outlook meeting requests.


March 6th, 2008
Version 2.5: new features, lower price

The latest version of the plugin is now fully compatible with Servoy 4. It also includes these enhancements and fixes:

  • EmailAddress: added support for encoded addresses
  • ImapFolder: added getChildren() to get all folders directly below the current folder
  • MailMessage: added getPOP3Index to retrieve the index of the current message
  • SMTPAccount: added connectionTimeout property
  • MailPro: added convertString(String input, String encoding) to convert a String to a different encoding; this is useful if you want to preview a message text in a certain encoding
  • Attachment: added support for file names of message/rfc822 attachments (file name = message subject)
  • MailMessage: fixed a possible problem with completely empty messages
  • SMTPAccount: fixed a bug where the port that was set was not used
  • SMTPAccount: fixed a bug where the connect() method set the wrong password

The new version is free for registered users and way cheaper for new customers. We have significantly lowered the price of the plugin.


July 14th, 2008
Version 2.4.1: minor update

The MailPro plugin has been updated to version 2.4.1 adding a new method getLastSaveMessage() to SMTPAccount. This method allows you to retrieve a send message that was copied to an ImapFolder (or null if no message was copied).


July 9th, 2008
Version 2.4 released

The new version of the plugin has the following new features:

  • POP3 Account added getMissingIndices() that returns an array of indices of all messages that are not in the provided UID array (String[], because UIDs on a POP3 server are strings)
  • POP3 Account added useExchangeFix; set this to true if you have problems to connect to an older exchange server
  • Searching enhanced the search method to accept a boolean as third parameter when searching for flags; a search for SEEN=true is now possible as search(4, 'SEEN', true)


May 1st, 2008
Version 2.3.2 released

Version 2.3.2 is out, fixing a bug with pure HTML messages.


March 11th, 2008
Version 2.3.1 released

The new version adds these new features and enhancements:

  • SMTPAccount: added sendOutlookMeetingRequest to allow sending meeting requests that are recognized as such by MS Outlook
  • MailMessage: improved error handling when creating attachments
  • ImapFolder: fixed a problem with addMessages() on mail servers that do not return a UID for a new message; in such a case, the resulting MailMessage[] array contains null for an added message
  • ImapAccount: added useSSL property to connect using SSL; the defaultport will be internally set to 993, but can be overriden by whatever the mail server requires
  • MailMessage: fixed a problem with charsets being set on plain text messages without attachments
  • MailMessage: if embedAllImages = true the plugin will try to isolate all image sources in the HTML message and find an attachment with the image's name; if that is present, the image will be attached inline and the src tag is changed to reference the inline image
  • MailPro: added findImagesInHtml as a convenience method to isolate all image sources (img or background tag) in html code; returns an array [imageName][imageUrl] that contains one entry for each path name
  • MailPro: added TextAttachment(String path/String name, [byte[] data], [String mimeType]) as a convenience method to create an attachment with text/plain mimetype (if not otherwise provided)


November 28th, 2007
Version 2.3 released

A new version of the plugin is out with the following additions and several bug fixes:

  • added listener for changed messages: you can register a method that will be fired if a message is changed on the IMAP server (answered, deleted, replied, ...). That makes it possible for example to flag a message in Outlook and almost immediately have a method reflect that change in a Servoy solution
  • Attachment: added several properties to Attachments to make it easier to access certain headers of an attachment (contentID, contentType etc.)
  • MailMessage: added getInReplyTo() to MailMessage to allow easy retrieval of the message-ID of the original message that this message replied to
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